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Move from chaos to clarity with Nimboard - the Free, User-Friendly Way to Organize Your Tasks and Thoughts. No Subscriptions. No Fuss.

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Nimboard is the best tool for decluttering my mind when preparing for essays and projects.

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Some apps make simple tasks feel complicated. Nimboard is so simple, it helps you manage complicated tasks with ease.

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I love the simplicity and power of Nimboard. I use it with clients to outline strategies and create action plans. They gain clarity in minutes. No learning curve. No fuss. Brilliant!

Experience hassle-free productivity

Discover a refreshingly simple and minimalist approach to organization. Unlike traditional, complex productivity tools, Nimboard's features let you to manage any aspect of your life without the usual clutter.

  • Make your post-its digital

  • Save and organize your favorite links

  • Track tasks with simple todo lists

  • Instantly share with anyone

  • Use on any device

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Frequently asked questions

  • Nimboard is a simple and efficient digital tool that helps you keep track of your tasks, notes, and bookmarks. It organizes your items on customizable boards that can be easily shared and accessed from any device.

  • Yes, Nimboard is absolutely free to use with no hidden costs. You can create and manage as many boards as you need without any charge.

  • Sharing your board is easy! Simply click the 'share' button. You can add people to the board by their email and set their permissions to either 'Viewer' or 'Editor'. If you'd like, you can even set your board to be viewable or editable by the public.

  • Sure thing! With Nimboard, you can get to your boards from any device. Whether you're on a computer, phone, or tablet, all your notes, to-dos, and bookmarks are just a click away. Click here to learn more.

  • Nimboard is all about simplicity and ease of use. Unlike complex tools like Notion or Todoist, Nimboard is designed for those who value straightforwardness and efficiency over a multitude of features. Think of it as your digital sticky note board - accessible, shareable, and perfectly suited for personal organization.

  • Nimboard is designed with user-friendliness in mind. To get started, all you need to do is sign up, create a new board, and start adding your tasks, notes, or bookmarks. It's as easy as that!

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